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Angela is the heart behind Learn Live Hope Apparel and she is building a brand that makes you look good and feel amazing! You can tell all the positive vibes she pours into each design! I really enjoyed learning more about her and the shop, like the origin of her shop name, and I think you will too.

Q. My hometown is...
A. Grew up in a suburb of Denver, CO currently reside in CO Springs, CO

What inspires you?
Hands down my son. No matter what I am doing, he always seems to be at the root of it in some way.

Love this line up of @learnlivehopeapparel designs
What's your creative process like?
Often ideas just randomly come to me. I can be in the middle of playing with my son, and I blurt out a phrase or nickname to him and then think...this should be on a shirt. I jot down those random things in a notebook and then when I have time after he goes to bed, I sit down and expand on those ideas by thinking up designs to go along with them. Other times I come up with an image or idea in my head (sometimes when I wake up at 3am and cant fall back asleep, ha) and go from there. I think there is definitely inspiration all around in my day to day.

What's your business all about?
I really want to build a positive lifestyle brand. Focusing on providing unique apparel for children and mother's, that has a love filled message behind it. Or simply something that is so relatable to us as mothers. I like having a mix of more artistic designs, and simple saying that can resonate with others.

Adorable tank and onesie by @learnlivehopeapparel
When and how did you start your business?
I was a preschool teacher for 5 years, and then quit when I had my son. I always knew I wanted to be a SAHM once I had children, and that my teaching days would be over. When my son was 9 months old I began thinking about what I could do that was for me. A passion, a way I could tap into my creative side which had been laying dormant. That combined with my healthy obsession with my son, and clothes led me to want to create my own line of clothing. So I set my mind to it, and a few months later opened my shop in January of this year.

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome to get to where you are today?
The biggest challenge is probably the belief in myself that I can do this, and actually succeed at it. And in all honesty, it's a challenge I still am facing and learning to overcome.

The thing that surprised me most was...
My own ability (I told you, I have to work on believing in myself ha). When I first opened I collaborated with Whimsy Blue Avenue on a few designs. She did an amazing job on the Shoot for the Stars, Birds, and Tree designs and bringing my ideas to life. All the other designs, have been done by me. Including the feather design, which I hand drew and the tornado tee which has been my best seller. It is really such an amazing feeling knowing that others like something that I came up with.

I'm most grateful for...
The IG community. Whether it's the support of other shop owners, and being able to learn and grow from them. Or all the amazing mom's and kiddos who I have had the pleasure to work with being my brand reps and enthusiasts. And every single person who supports small shops and purchases from us. I know that often you can go buy things from Target or other big box sellers, but it really means so much when they make a purchase because everything comes from such a place of love and I strive to provide the best quality.
My advice for anyone thinking of making and selling is...
Don't give up... and surround yourself with others who will lift you up on the days you don't feel as confident. If you love what you are doing and believe in it, it is worth it every time hands down.

My favorite colors are... I think it is probably really clear when you visit my page ha. I love grey above all...it's in every room of my house and my nails are often a shade of grey. Next white and black...I mean can you go wrong with those? And then mint and yellow are my favorite pops of color in my world of neutrals.

The song that's stuck in my head lately is...
I am kind of embarrassed to say because the lyrics are a bit....like baby making music for lack of a better word. Hahaha. But I am loving Chase Rice "Ride"...its just so catchy I swear. In general I listen to country 95% of the time, though I enjoy most genres of music.

Currently streaming...
I might be the only person not in the Netflix fan club. We don't have it, haven't in years. But I will admit I am a bit of a reality tv junky. That plus Ellen, HGTV, and The Good Wife is my favorite show!

My favorite sip-able treat is...
I'm weird and actually love water! And Spark...I call it my happy mommy juice. I think I would actually die without it...it is so yummy and gives me the best energy. Lets just say it replaced coffee for me. And after a long day a glass of Moscato d'asti is always nice.

If I could pick a super power it would be...
Maybe to see the future. I am a control freak and I always hate having a feeling of not knowing what will happen or how something will turn out.

The actress that would play me in the movie of my life would be...
Maybe a brunette Jennifer Aniston...I just love her. I mean who doesn't, right?

My favorite childhood toy was...
My easy bake oven...man I loved that thing!

If I had the whole day to myself I would...
Sleep in until a whopping 7am (my son is a chronic early riser), go to brunch somewhere. I absolutely love brunch and it doesn't happen often enough. Then maybe go do some shopping, and followed by a trip to my favorite day spa.
Best quote ever...
Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow. Hence the origination of my shop name.

Best book ever...
I am a Nicholas Sparks junky...I have read almost every book.

Best movie ever...
The Notebook, duh.

My Woman crushes are:
Jennifer Aniston and Rachel McAdams

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