DIY Terrarium : Choosing Your Climate

I have been drooling over all the gorgeous, modern and sometimes quirky terrariums that I have been seeing on Pinterest and Etsy for a long time now. And after months of telling myself I really need to make one, I have finally done it…only not for myself. I made one for my mother, for Christmas. (One of these days I will actually make one for myself.) I put it off for so long because the process seemed a bit daunting…I'm no botanist, I'm no gardner…I had no idea where to start. Finally, I snatched up a vase at Target and committed. My vase worked out fine, but looking back it would have been smarter to start by deciding the climate for my terrarium. The climate is determined by the light, moisture, soil and will inform your plant life choices, as feel as, it sets the stage for the maintenance and upkeep of your terrarium. Climate will also dictate the area of your living space that your terrarium will enjoy living in the most—right by the window, near the steam-rich shower or in the diffused light of your living room. I created this graphic for anyone who's feeling as lost as I was. My next post will walk you step by step through the terrarium I made.


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