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Nastasha Waller is the beautiful and talented momma behind Payslie Prints 'n' Things. She's always been a maker and her family and friends kept encouraging her to sell her creations and I'm so glad they did! Read more about this creative lady and take advantage of her 25% off coupon code, exclusive to my readers, at the end of the Q+A.

Q. My hometown is...
A. Puyallup, WA

What inspires you?
My kids. And the chance to one day stay home with them.

Nastasha of @payslieprintsnthings's creative space where all the mom boss action happens!
What's your creative process like?
I have a desk in the garage (first time in years I've had an "office"!!) that my husband set up for me when we moved last month. From 7-8 p.m. I get uninterrupted time to work. I put music on, sit on my rug, and craft away! I get so lost in my work that I lose track of time, lol. I don't really have any other process besides just putting things together and seeing if it looks good. If it doesn't, I try something different. www.PaysliePrintsnThings.com

Tutu by @payslieprintsnthings
What's your business all about?
Tutus, bows, headbands, all things girly. Although I am really trying to add boy items. It's hard, though. The world is full of cute stuff for girls and not enough for boys!

When and how did you start your business?
I have always had an artistic side and my husband would try to convince me to sell my paintings all the time. I painted a wall letter for my daughter's room to match her bedding and after receiving many inquiries from friends on facebook, I decided to sell them. I started Payslie Prints 'n Things to sell wall letters but it has now evolved to tutus, blankets, shirts, headbands, and more!

Adorable mermaid outfit by @payslieprintsnthings
What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome to get to where you are today?
My biggest challenge has and still is my confidence. I get so anxious sending out photos or product to my customers hoping they like what I created for them. Because I am a custom order shop for the most part, I have to take ideas that they send me and create. Sometimes it's hard to imagine what they are seeing through email! And I want everyone to like their items. 

A year ago I almost quit. I was faced with some challenges that had me questioning if I could be successful. It took a couple months to turn things around and realize that I didn't need other people's approval to keep going.

I'm most grateful for...
my husband. He is the one who ultimately pushed me to start this creative outlet. He has had his own doubts about it, but lately he is the one who has been most encouraging for me. He bought my desk for me as a surprise because he knew I needed something other than a kitchen table. He has been helping me come up with ideas for product. He has been so gracious with his time: he keeps the kids busy every night so I can complete orders. Without him, this business would have failed.

Rad little boy shirt and bummies by @payslieprintsnthings
Is there anything you would do differently if you had to start over today?
I would definitely not look for approval elsewhere. I know my product is great and I know I have what it takes to get somewhere. I wasted so much of my time in the beginning seeking approval and could have used that energy in creating new product.

My favorite colors are... coral, pink, purple, and red

The song that's stuck in my head lately is...
Sugar by Maroon 5. Payslie loves that song. She thinks the lyrics are, "Sugah.... Yes pea...." lol.

Cutest little Birthday Babe in her @payslieprintsnthings tutu!
Currently streaming...
Grey's Anatomy on netflix

My favorite sip-able treat is...
Mama Mango Moscato. Yuuum!

If I could pick a super power it would be...
Can I just choose a super hero? I want to be Scarlet Witch. She's hot.

Dreamiest little tutus by @payslieprintsnthings
The actress that would play me in the movie of my life would be...
Alexis Bledel

My favorite childhood toy was...
Easy Bake, Lite Bright, and Barbies

If I had the whole day to myself I would...
sleep in, take a hot shower without kids, watch Grey's, and craft.

Best movie ever...

My Woman crushes are:
Kristin Bell

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